The new premium product for side-hung windows

Are you looking for a safe and visually appealing solution for the automation of side-hung windows? This solution should also work reliably in unstable wind conditions? Then the KS4 chain drive with DrehVolution fitting will inspire you.

Reliable Function: due to the stability of the side-hung window in all open positions as well as a durable construction.

Large Bandwidth: universally adjustable opening angle up to 70 degrees, compatible with all AUMÜLLER locking drives.

Fast Assembly: only one chain drive with associated console, little space required - only 26 mm frame width.

The Aumüller-DrehVolution!

The solution is available as a set, consisting of a KS4 400 chain drive and a filigree casement bracket with an integrated preloaded spring.

This spring preload ensures the stability of the window - whether in open position or during opening and closing. This makes bended chains a thing of the past and you achieve permanent stability in any condition.

You require an even higher locking force in a closed position? No problem - the system can be combined with any AUMÜLLER locking drive.

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